Dear Couple,

Congratulations on your engagement! We are glad you have chosen to be married in Our Lady of Peace Parish, at St. Stephen’s Church or St. Francis deSales Church. Please keep this letter for reference, as it contains information essential to planning your wedding here.

+ Wedding fees reflect long-standing customs that are in line with current practices elsewhere in this area. Specifically:

$250.00 – Church Fee

150.00 – Parish Wedding Coordinator (Required)

150.00 – Parish Organist (Must pay parish organist even if another one is used)

125.00 – Parish Cantor (Required)

+ Extra fees may be needed for special assistance to non-parish clergy, musicians, etc.

+ Payment of the total due should be received at the parish office (130 Exchange St.) at least 30 days before the wedding in a single check to “Our Lady of Peace Parish.”

+ Friday wedding time: either St. Francis or St. Stephen’s Church: 4:00 pm

+ Saturday wedding times: St. Francis Church: 1:00 p.m.

St. Stephen’s Church: 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

There are no Sunday weddings at either Church.

+ Rehearsals: Ordinarily the evening before the wedding starting between 4:00-6:00 p.m. – please be on time.

Other times are possible if needed, and subject to change if a Friday wedding is scheduled.

+ Use of the church is for three hours, beginning one hour before the wedding’s start.

+ No rice, confetti, flower petals, etc. may be thrown or strewn, in the church or on church grounds.

+ Aisle runners are not permitted in either church due to the possibility of tripping and falling.

No alcohol is allowed on parish property at any time. Intoxication will not be tolerated.

+ Parishioners should contact us at least nine months ahead of the wedding date.

+ Destination Weddings:

For weddings of non-parishioners:

  • Couples are expected to participate in the Marriage Preparation process within the parish in which they currently reside. The necessary paperwork is to be completed with their priest and the requirement for the Pre-Cana workshop is to be satisfied. If your parish minister has any questions please have him/her call the Parish Office of Our Lady of Peace, Geneva and speak to one of our priests.
  • While we welcome any priest/deacon to preside at your wedding, we would be honored to preside, if you wish.

+ Correct addresses for invitations:

Our Lady of Peace Parish
St. Stephen’s Church
48 Pulteney Street
Geneva, NY 14456

Our Lady of Peace Parish
St. Francis deSales Church
130 Exchange Street
Geneva, NY 14456

In Christ,

Fr. Thomas Mull-Pastor

Parish Office:
130 Exchange St.
Geneva, NY 14456
Fr. Thomas Mull

Music Contact:
Christine Sauter Milligan
Director of Music
Our Lady of Peace Parish
Geneva, NY 14456
Cell: 585-415-1732

Wedding Coordinator:
Marie Milligan
Parish Office, 789-0930