Parish Services

Mass Intentions/Memorials

A Mass intention is a way of offering the prayers of a Mass for a loved one. Daily and weekend Mass Remembrances are available at both St. Francis and St. Stephen’s. To schedule a Mass, please call the Parish Office at 315-789-0930. There is a donation of $10 requested per Mass.

Candle Intentions

Parishioners can request the candles in either church or in Our Lady of Peace Chapel or the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel to burn for a special intention. Please call the Parish Office at 315-789-0930 for scheduling. There is a donation of $10 requested per candle.


Memorials are a donation given to a Parish in remembrance of a friend or relative. Memorials are available at both St. Francis and St. Stephen’s. A minimum of $5 is requested for each Memorial given. You may obtain a Memorial by visiting the Parish Office or by calling the office at 315-789-0930.

Registration into Parish

We welcome all new members of Our Lady of Peace and ask that you register so that we may take the opportunity to welcome you personally to our parish family.

Please request a registration card at Our Lady of Peace Office at 130 Exchange Street in Geneva or call 315-789-0930 to request that a card be mailed to you. You may fill out the card and return it either to the Parish Office or put it into the collection basket at Mass. Please be sure to fill out the portion of the registration card that addresses questions regarding your time and talent, which may be helpful to you and us in finding ways you would like to serve our Parish Community.

Volunteer Office Help

From time to time volunteers are needed in the office to assist with parish mailings and other various duties. If you are interested in occasionally helping out, please contact the Parish Office and let them know that you may be available to help out.


Our Lady of Peace Parish publishes a bulletin each weekend in the hope that all members of our parish family will be fully informed of the events at each Church. Please remember to pick up your bulletin at the end of each Mass. If you serve on a Church committee or fund raiser and would like to have something put into the bulletin, please present your submission to the Parish Office the Monday afternoon two weeks before the week you would like your information in the bulletin.